Maddie Knits

My addiction to knitting and the life around it.

100 Things

A b o u t  M a d d i e Maddie!
1. I’m 20.
2. I still live with my parents.
3. Besides sailing, you couldn’t pay me enough to go out and spend time outdoors.
4. If there is a yarn store in town, you KNOW I’ve been to it.
5. Reality television is my television brain candy.
6. Knitting has become an obsession of mine.
7. When it comes to cardio workouts, I count shopping as my only type of cardiovascular exercise.
8. I am addicted to anything and everything football (yes, that means I participate in a fantasy league or two) and if you try to say anything bad about my wonderful Carolina Panthers, you know you’re going to get it from me!
9. If I could do anything in the world, I would open my very own yarn store.
10. I am terrible with money.
11. I once had to be walked through the Hail Mary in confession because it had been that long.
12. I hate chocolate.
13. Planes are some of the scariest things in the world.
14. I am in love with a boy named Victor.
15. I finally quit smoking, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
16. I am a total computer dork and invest all of my spare time that isn’t taken up by knitting with World of Warcraft.
17. I teach at a summer camp in Maine where I teach kids how to sail.
18. No matter what, my friends always come first.
19. I have three brothers and one sister.
20. One of my brothers has given me a niece and my sister has given me two nephews and a niece.
21. I can’t wait to have a baby of my very own to spoil to death — I will ultimately have 4 children!
22. Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty are FANTASTIC!
23. I have been so drunk that I have reached the blackout stage.
24. I hate to bake, but I love to cook.
25. Scrapbooking is so much fun, when I give myself the time to do it.
26. My cartilidge is pierced and I wear a little titanium ball in it.
27. A butteryfly, a heart, a croos with wings and a rosary have become artwork of my body.
28. Right now I’m working as a sales associate at Wet Seal at Tysons Corner but it is only temporary.
29. Hopefully I will be able to become a preschool teacher after I get my bachelors at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
30. For two and a half months every year I am without any type of technology which leaves me with letter writing as my only form of communication with the world outside if Camp Vega [ Yeah Vega ’07! ].
31. I am Catholic.
32. I only go to church on the major Catholic holidays.
33. I only had one boyfriend in high school, but I know I didn’t love him.
34. The only boy that I loved in high school was never my boyfriend, but he has become one of my very best friends and I can talk to him about anything.
35. My right knee and ankle are very weak and I am *suppose* to wear a brace all the time.
36. I have a massive DVD collection and I am very proud of it.
37. I am a Republican, but I am very against the current “War on Terror.”
38. I hope that the government pulls troops out of Iraq before those I love are sent over there so very soon.
39. When I finally decide to go to a real college, I will be pledging Zeta Tau Alpha [ ZTA ]
40. I think women’s reproductive systems should be kept out of legislation.
41. I am proud to be a brunette.
42. No matter what, I will love my mom more than anyone else in the world, always and forever.
43. She has taught me so much about what it is to be an adult and has shown me that I want to aim to be someone just like her when I am finally on my feet.
44. I have a green couch in my room.
45. I love my Volvo.
46. My Volvo happens to be car #6.
47. I am not a bad driver, I just change my mind a lot.
48. Except for my first car — that one was an accident!
49. I think coming up with 100 things about me is VERY hard!
Friends Are Amazing!50. I have a fantastic green iPod nano that I listen to my favorite podcast, Stash and Burn [ check it out! ].
51.  I was talked about on my favorite podcast — which was VERY exciting!
52. I love to stay up very late at night.
53. I am an egg donor.
54. Getting to be an egg donor means that I get to go to California to donate the eggs.
55. I started my Roth IRA when I was 19.
56. That means I’ll be very happy when it’s time for me to retire!
57. I read Cosmopolitan magazine religiously.
58. Even though I’m not engaged, I love buying bridal magazines and reading them cover to cover.
59. Knitting is an obsession.
60. I love that I am finally old enough to vote.
61. But I’m not registered with a political party!
62. I love good grammar and bad grammar just makes me angry!
63. My facebook rocks! [ Facebook me ]
64. I used to use MySpace, but there’s just too much spamming going on there for me to keep my account active, although I still have one.
65. I took photography in high school, and I loved it.
66. I believe in gun rights for everyone but cons.
67. I have egged a house.
68. I enjoyed egging the house too!
69. I have learned that you should keep things to yourself unless you want everyone to find out, even if you are telling your best friend a secret.
70. I think Adam Brody is one of the sexiest boys alive.
71. I refer to all people of the opposite sex [ males ] as “boys.”
72. I love my dog [ Devi ] and cat [ Chili Pepper ] to death.
73. I will never understand the fascination with High Definition television.
74. I hate living in a townhouse.
75. But I love that I am only two blocks from the metro.
76. I suck at beer pong, but I can rock a flip cup game!
77. I went through the whole “too poor to drink good beer, so I’ll just drink Natty Lite” stage and I am SO glad that I’m finally out of it and can drink Bud Lite like all the real beer drinkers.
78. I actually hate beer though.  I’d much rather be drinking Smirnoff Twisted Green Apple.
79. I hate eyelash yarn.
80. I have a very hard time finishing knitting projects.
81. I am so good at flirting, it should be made a profession!
82. Baseball is SO BORING, but I’ll cheer for the Yankees till I die.
83. Hail to the Redskins!  COWBOYS SUCK!
84. I was in Texas and I actually erased where someone wrote “Redskins Suck” on their car and replaced it with “Cowboys Suck.”
85. Someday I hope to live in a colder place than Northern Virginia.
86. My high school mascot was the Atom — you know, the science thing?
87. I hate double pointed needles.
88. I have a sunglass and shoe fetish like it’s my job.
89. I am an excellent typist.
90. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education.
91. I hate doing the dishes.
92. I started my knitting blog in March of 2007.
93. But now I can’t access it, so I’m making a new one on WordPress [ so great to blog on! ].
94. I wish I could be a singer for a band.
95. I am tone deaf, so that will never happen.
96. I have too many formal dresses for one person.
97. I first wanted to knit after I saw my brother’s girlfriend, Jen, doing it at a Redskins game.I Love Tiffany!
98. I hate when people put apostrophes in the wrong places.
99. My biggest grammatical peeve is when people misuse your and you’re.
100. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit rocks my socks off!