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Well, I just wanted to stick this post in here about how I started knitting for the SITM contest!  Officially, the first time I decided that I really wanted to knit, I was at a football game with my dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend.  Looking back on it now, I realize how ridiculous it was to take knitting to a Redskins/Eagles game in November when you have 10th row tickets on the 50 yard line!  Anyways, that was in November of ’04.  I tried knitting something up around Christmastime that year, and nothing really came of it.  It wasn’t until my 19th birthday [ January ’06 ] that my mom bought me yarn, needles, books and a class at Stitch DC [ GREAT store ].  When I started the class, I soon realized that I didn’t need to be in a Learn to Knit class because, for whatever reason, I was an incredibly gifted knitter [ not trying to be callous, but it’s what the teacher told me! ].  I soon started frequenting the yarn store so much that I was offered a job there that summer. 

My very first completed project was technically a checkerboard scarf in pinks and purples from my beginner’s class, but I relish in the fact that only about a month and a half after learning to knit, I completed a fair isle tube top out of KnitScene.  I don’t have the pictures right now — seeing as how I’m at the boyfriend’s place and all, but as soon as I do I’ll adjust the post to have pictures of both in here! 

Anyways, that’s the story of how I learned to knit.  Hope everyone found it at least a little amusing and maybe even a little interesting, but I sincerely doubt it.  I’m still not going to bed yet, but I’m going to end this post here.  Have a good night all!


July 10, 2007 - Posted by | Knitting, Stores, Victor


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Re: Coachella vs. Zinzin – I thought the exact same way, until I started seeing Coachella FOs! I still love Zinzin though, and plan to make it. Wish I could afford to use the recommended yarn (for Zinzin, not Coachella, heh). :/

    I’m impressed that you did a fair isle top so soon after learning to knit! I’m finally starting to teach myself fair isle and am pretty much making a mess of it.

    Comment by Cyn | July 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. How great is it that you completed a fair isle project within months of learning how to knit? Awesome!

    Comment by Opal | July 11, 2007 | Reply

  3. You’ve done fair isle, you’ve done socks, you can do miters . Stitch DC sounds like a great shop (shops), definitely a must go to next time I’m in DC.

    Comment by A. Warped, Knitter | July 12, 2007 | Reply

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