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So Out Of Touch!

I have SO many pictures to show everyone!   First, I’ll show my new sock for my SITM Pal.  I think these are going MUCH better than the socks that I had started out making.  I’m making the Monkey socks by Cookie.


I’m also working on Norberta on Knitty for my boyfriend.  I was hoping to be able to get it to him tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen.  I do, however, think it’s totally adorable and I know he’s going to love it!



Everyone and their mother has been working on the Mystery Stole 3.  I am one of those many many people.  I just finished Clue 3.  It’s apparently 1/3 of the way done, and I absolutally love it


I did my color swap today with Wendy and she gave me this great yarn and the pattern to make some dish cloths.  I did the one that has “Born To Knit” written on it.  I know you probably can’t see it too well, but it’s there and I think it’s adorable and it went so fast.  I did it just tonight!  It took maybe two hours, with breaks and while watching television.  I was VERY impressed.


She also made me a pair of Monkey socks.  She read on my blog that I hate DPNs so she decided to make me a pair of socks.  I absolutally love them and it confirms that my SITM pal is going to LOVE the ones I make her!



Well, that’s all I’ve got for right now.  I just wanted to get all of these pictures up here!  Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I’m so excited for this weekend.  It’s officially my anniversary =)  I’ll try to post pictures from the concert/trip.  OH!  That reminds me to charge my camera.  I’ve got to get on that one!


July 21, 2007 - Posted by | Knitting, Socks, Swaps, UFOs, Victor, Yarn


  1. Absolutely love your red socks!!! I got here via Wendy! :o)
    That is so wild that y’all live on the same street! Should be plenty of knit nights! :oD

    Happy Anniversary!

    Comment by Stacey | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you happy anniversary yesterday! Have a great time and enjoy the concert! See you Tuesday!

    Comment by Wendy | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. Oh, and can you post what the colorway of your new monkey socks are? I had someone ask about them, and I can’t remember!

    Comment by Wendy | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  4. Yes I would love to know what yarn was used on the monkey’s by your color swap person (Wendy) and the colorway! :o) Thanks!

    Comment by Stacey | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  5. Hiya again! :o)

    I didn’t have your e-mail address from visiting my blog today but if you want Traveling Teddy to come see you then click here!

    Comment by Stacey | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  6. Cute socks! Both for you and the pair you’re working on for your SITM pal! 😀

    Norbetta is adorable. I’m sure your boy toy will love it. 😉

    Comment by anna | July 23, 2007 | Reply

  7. Wendy….could you please e-mail me :o)

    I see you will be getting Traveling Teddy soon!

    Comment by Stacey | July 23, 2007 | Reply

  8. Oops I mean Maddie! :op

    I want to know to what colorway Wendy made your socks in!

    Could you please e-mail it to me? Thanks! :oD

    Comment by Stacey | July 23, 2007 | Reply

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