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What’s My Deal, Anyways?

So, I am the worst blogger in history.  I have read this a few too many times in my blog and it’s starting to bother me.  Maybe I should try to realize that blogging just isn’t for me!  It’s getting frustrating knowing that I’m just letting something go like this.

Anyways,  I have to let EVERYONE know that I finally recieved the Traveling Teddy.  He’s absolutally adorable.  I can’t wait to decide what I’m going to put in his bag from his trip to the Nation’s Capital!  Well, for starters, here’s the amazing Traveling Teddy:

Traveling Teddy!

On to other news — I got my SITM package today and it was just AMAZING.  I can’t even begin to tell everyone how amazing my pal is.  She deserves the biggest hug in the entire world.  Her name is Becky [ her blog ] and she’s just teriffic.  I had to put her blog on her because everyone needs to check it out.  Well, let me tell you what I got in my package!  Well, she made me the socks.  They’re the Raindrop Lace Socks by Fiber Trends and she used Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Yarn in teal.  She also sent me IK’s Favorite Socks book, Knit Picks Memories yarn in Redwood Forest and the needles to go with them to make a pair of socks!  It’s just great.  But wait!  That’s not all.  She also saw that I wanted to try my hand at entrelac so she found a scarf pattern for me as well as Patons SWS and the needles to make that.  And the list keeps going!  I have a yummy smelling candle as well as a $15 gift card to iTunes!!!  It was the best swap I’ve gotten and I love it!  Anyways, enough with the words, check out the pictures!





Anyways.  That’s all for now!  Hope this is a good update for everyone.  I think I’m going to post my newly finished project tomorrow!  It will also count for my SP11 Contest — yay!  Well, as long as I post my first finished project with it.  Is it bad that my first finished project was a scarf and my most recent finished project was a scarf too??  I hope not.  Doesn’t matter though, right?  Anways, hope everyone has a bangin’ weekend and I’ll write tomorrow — hopefully!!!


October 12, 2007 - Posted by | Books, Patterns, Socks, Swaps, Yarn


  1. Hi! I’m so glad you enjoyed the package. I’m going to be making the same entralac scarf – my first entralac as well.

    Comment by westerlywhimsies | October 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. YAH!! Travelin’ Teddy made it to you!! Do you know where he is off to next? And what is that silver thing around his neck?

    Great SITM package. You are definitely spoiled with your swaps knitting you socks!!! :oD

    Comment by Stacey_CrimsonPurl | October 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. aah, traveling teddy looks happy! 😀

    man, you made out in your swap! a $15 itunes gift card?! i’m jealous!!!

    Comment by anna | October 14, 2007 | Reply

  4. The socks are amazing! The blue is so electric!

    Comment by Kely | October 22, 2007 | Reply

  5. What a pretty swap parcel! I love socks you got! Have fun with all the goodies!

    Comment by Kasia | October 25, 2007 | Reply

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