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Ravelry Is Amazing

So, I must say that Ravelry was well-worth the wait.  I love it and I really just can’t get enough of it!  Anyways, being on there has forced me to do some picture taking of my own so that I’m not the one without pictures for anything.  This being said, I FINALLY have an update for this silly blog =)  I’ve started the French Market Bag [ from Knitty! ] and it’s just knitting up so quickly.  I only cast on last night and I’m already done with the bottom of the bag!  Can you believe it?!  Anyways, here’s the yarn I’m using — it’s Lion Brand Wool in Sage and Midnight Blue.  There’s no Sage in the project yet, but it’ll be there VERY soon!




But, you know, other than that there isn’t really much going on with me.  I’ve been super busy with school and nannying — to the point that I can no longer meet with my SEKs girls [ I’m SO sorry ladies, but I’m now working every Tuesday afternoon and there is just no way to get there =( ].  I guess there are some things you have to sacrifice for your education, even if it means giving up hanging out with some totally awesome, rocking ladies!

I guess that’s all for today!  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!


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Ooh La La

So, I got my yarn for Victor’s Norberta today.  I can’t wait to get started on it.  I’m hoping to give it to him Saturday for our anniversary.  We’re heading down to Richmond for a Less Than Jake concert =)

They’re a great band and I think everyone should go check them out.  Any who, I think I’ll start this week’s posts off with a lovely list of things to do before we head down to the seedy parts of the good old V-A.

1.  Get Norberta finished.
2. Get Sheldon finished.
3. Catch up on Clue 3 for MS3 [ lots of work already done, a little over half-way through the clue, but since she said clue 4 is going to be a long one, I want to make sure I’m ready! ]
4. Put away all my laundry =)
5. Get some more work done on my Monkey socks for my SITM pal!

Well, I think that’s really all I can get done this week, so I’ll make this a reasonable list to complete in about four days [ give or take an hour or two ].  Hopefully I’ll get to meet up with my color swap pal and hope she LOVES what I got her [ yay Wendy! ]

I think that’s about it for me.  I should really be getting back to my knitting and such, since I have such a list to complete!  Toodles =)


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Sweat Your Brains Out

Yes, I really do think that it’s become possible to “sweat your brains out.”  It was so fucking hot today that I just wanted to lounge around in a sports bra and some Soffe shorts and not leave the house all day.  Alas, staying over at the boyfriend’s house last night made that next to impossible since I had to get up and go back to my own house today — funny thing is, here I am back at his place writing up this post while he sleeps.  Anyways, I had to get out of the nice air-conditioning to go to my sweltering black Volvo to make the trek back to my own abode — which is only about 10 minutes away, but STILL!

Anyways, I have ripped out my sock knitting because I’ve just become so infuriated with it!  I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.  I sat down to start knitting some more tonight, but I ripped out about an inch worth of work about 4 times and now I’m trying a new little cable-ish number, hoping that something may go right with this one.  I have to post my deepest apologies to my SITM swap partner because I’m not quite sure what will come of my first ever pair of socks.  I’m quite the perfectionist, but this is just crazy.  I can’t seem to keep the pattern going properly and I’m picking up and dropping stitches all over the place, which is just NOT something I do, EVER!  Anyways, I’ll persevere and get these stinking things done so I won’t be letting down my swap buddy [ who must still remain secret because the swap isn’t over yet, you sillies! ].

I hope that someone has heard of the band Less Than Jake [ who will now forever be referred to as LTJ ].  I’m not one for being able to classify types of music, so I’ll just go with a Punky/Alternative type band.  I love them!  I’m currently counting down the days until Victor and I will be heading down to Richmond to see their show at Toad’s Place [ great name, right? ].  I just saw them not too long ago at the 9:30 Club [ in Washington, DC for those who aren’t in the know ] and it’s just GREAT that I’ll be able to see them again so soon [ next Saturday, YAY! ].

Anyways, I wanted to stick a post up here, even if it wasn’t about knitting.  I feel that with the heat wave going on right now, thinking about knitting anything will put me into a nice sweat.  Hope everyone is keeping themselves cool!  Take care =)

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Mystery Stole 3

So, I think that the Mystery Stole 3 group [ on yahoo! ] is by far the best thing that I’ve ever joined!  I haven’t finished Clue #1 yet, but I still think it looks fantastic!  I know I messed it up a little bit, but I thought to myself, “fuck it,” I really don’t care anymore because by the time I’m done no one will ever be able to notice.  So, yeah, here’s how it looks so far [ so far as in more than halfway through Clue #1 ]:



So, other than that, my new KAL is doing really well and everyone should come check it out [ HERE! ] and join.  Everyone knows that there is something that’s on that they want to knit, but they don’t have a real reason to do it because of all the other projects they have going, but now you finally have a reason to do it.

Well, other than that, I don’t really have much to talk about.  I’m just hanging out with the boyfriend right now, so I think I’ll get back to that.  He’s falling asleep because I’m not paying attention to him.  What a baby!  But what can I say?  I love him to death!  Who wouldn’t love this guy:


Alrighty, I’m going to get going.  Talk to you guys again soon!  I think I’m also going to get back to working on my Mystery Stole 3!  Goodnite guys =)

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Care Bears Are Back

Hey Guys!  I TOLD you that I’d be back VERY soon to post a real post.  lol =)  So, I was at AC Moore the other day and I found this really cute little pattern book that has crochet patterns for all of the Care Bears and I knew I just HAD to have it.  A very good friend of mine is going to be getting all four of her wisdom teeth taken out and since I went through that not too long ago, I knew I had to give her something special so she doesn’t feel as bad as I did.  I’m making her the Friendship Bear and it’s just turning out GREAT!  I can’t wait to post what it looks like when I’m finally done with it — ny next post will probably have some totally adorable pics of the embellishments!

Well, The Bachelor is about to start, so I’m going to go sit down and watch it.  There will probably be more of an update in a few hours.  Happy knitting everyone!


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